Music from 100 Years Ago

Brice Fuqua hosts a terrific weekly podcast called Music From 100 Years Ago. I love the podcast but I’ve searched in vain for a forum that will let people comment on the podcasts. So I intend to post a link to the podcasts here and allow listeners to post replies below.

For more, please visit Brice’s podcast website at:


11 thoughts on “Music from 100 Years Ago

  1. I totally agree with your thoughts on the Music from 100 years ago podcast. I would love to communicate with Brice just to let him know how much I love his programs. Such a wonderful labour of love. His breadth of knowledge of such a variety of genres is astonishing. I’d just love to know where he gets all his recordings from. Thanks for posting your thoughts.

    • Hi! I’m also a huge fan of the Music from 100 years ago podcast. I absolutely love how Brice selects the music and comments on it so much it’s as if he was alive when it was released. I personally have several ideas for Brice that he could use for future episodes and I’d love to email him, if only I actually had his email address.

  2. I just discovered this podcast and enjoy it very much. I would like to contact Brice Fuqua as well to let him know how much I am enjoying his show. But I would also like to point out that be pronounces Art Blakey’s name “Blakely”.

  3. Love the podcasts, but when the host makes a whopping error (like playing a totally different song with the same name), there’s no way to bring it to his attention. Only podcast I know of that has no way to communicate with producers.

  4. Also a big fan. Love the podcast and I have only heard about 10 episodes! So, glad to see that there are 500 more to listen to.

  5. Dear Brice Fuqua, I am a fan of your podcast. I absolutely enjoy the music you pick to play on your show. I have a request for Hank William’s (Sr.) music including I saw the light. I am twenty one years old and play the fiddle. If you ever would like to chat with me, please feel free to do so. My cell phone number is 863 414 1144. Thanks, Bobby Savage

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